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Mission Statement

Do you think playing piano is too hard?
Maybe you've tried and failed in the past.
If that's you, this 8 week course will change all of that.

These video piano lessons will unlock the mysteries of the piano and change the way you think about piano lessons.

Using the revolutionary Target Method, veteran instructor Brian Lucas takes you through all of the fundamentals of piano in 8 easy-to-follow video lessons.

With the Piano In 8 Weeks course, you get:

*based on the cost of 8 private piano lessons.

About The Target Method

The Target Method is a very visual approach to teaching piano and a departure from the "It takes years to learn" way of thinking. Instead of memorizing a bunch of theory or teaching you a few simple songs, the Target Method shows you how to think about music and how to play it in the real world.

Each week you learn a musical concept and are given tips on how to practice for the fastest results. The method is designed to be completed in an average of 8 weeks. However, it is a work at your own pace series of lessons. You simply start the next week when you've mastered the current one.

About The Instructor

Creating a practical, easy to understand piano method has been a long-time goal for Brian Lucas. Nearly 20 years ago, frustrated with the piano methods that were out there, Brian set out to create his own. Having both an academic background as well as real world experience gives him a unique view on the piano.

Academically, Brian has been studying the piano since the age of 3. He holds an honors degree from the Berklee College of Music. But education is only half of the equation. In the real world, Brian has worked for HBO, Paramount, has been a pit orchestra musician for numerous professional theatres and has played piano/keyboards for several Top 40 artists.

This combination of traditional schooling and a real world background gives Brian the edge to teach piano in a realistic way.

kids piano

Great for kids!

The Target Method has been successfully taught to kids as young as 7 years old.

In general, once your child has a good attention span, he/she should be able to benefit from the course.

Plus, they get to learn the songs they love instead of some boring songs from a stuffy method book.

What customers are saying

"I learned piano without playing little kid songs. I didn't know that was possible."
-Dustin M.
With this method, you start to feel that you are grasping the concept from the very beginning.
-Kevin M.
"I really like the play-alongs. Nobody ever taught me how to make up my own music."
-Stacie P.
"I've always wanted to play piano, but thought I was too old and it would take forever. I'm so glad I was wrong."
-Esther G.

Can't commit to the full course?

Not a problem. You can also purchase each lesson individually for only $9.95.
View the list and buy single lessons here.

Play Piano In 8 Weeks

Start right now and be playing piano in just 2 months. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, simply ask for a refund within those 60 days and I will give you your money back, no questions asked.

I believe in this course and its ability to teach you how to play the piano. Please contact me with any problems. I look forward to hearing about your success with it.