Piano For The Modern World

Take the journey of learning piano in this 8 week step-by-step piano course and play real, great sounding piano, all with no classical lessons, no memorization and no tricks.


Multi View Plus Virtual Whiteboard

The Piano In 8 Weeks course uses a 2 angle system:  the traditional overhead view with light up keys and letter name and a player view, showing what you will see while playing your piano. Plus a virtual whiteboard to guide you visually through each lesson.

What Can I Expect

No piano experience is required prior to this course. In 8 weeks, we will take you from knowing nothing about the piano to being able to play full songs on your own. The course is designed to be completed a lesson a week, but you can work at your own pace and watch on any video enabled device. This means you can start learning when and wherever you want.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

You can begin your piano journey risk free. This course is backed with a 60 Day 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, reach out for help or for a full refund.

Multi Angle and Virtual Whiteboard

In addition to the typical overhead view with light up keys and letter names, the Piano In 8 Weeks course also adds a player view, showing your viewpoint to the keys plus a virtual whiteboard to guide you through each lesson.


About Your Instructor

Music veteran Brian Lucas dedicates his work to finding ways for musicians to achieve their full potential. As he puts it, “to get the ideas out of your head and into the world”. He holds a Performance degree from the Berklee College of Music and has worked with Top 40 artists, record labels, hit songwriters, touring musicians and studio players. Brian trains musicians at all levels with the goal to move to pro sounding as quickly as possible, regardless of current skill level.

What will you play 8 weeks from today?

This course is designed to teach you to play the kind of piano music you enjoy, and at less than the cost of private piano lessons. Plus, you can take your lessons anywhere and watch as many times as you'd like. So pick a few songs you'd like to learn and let's get started.


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