Play Piano... Play Everything

The world of music production gets more exciting (and affordable) every year. Just a decade or so ago, the only way to record professional sounding music was to rent a music studio, hire musicians who can play what you can’t, get an engineer who knows how to best capture every instrument (which microphones, where to put them, etc.) and then pay the engineer to mix it all together for you. You then repeat this process for however many songs you need to record. Every song required a game plan or you could end up wasting expensive studio time and more importantly, money. You only got one shot to get it right (unless you had more money to spend on another recording session).

Going into a studio is still the preferred way to record instruments for many styles of music, at least for songs that will be released to the public and especially those that use real instruments (as opposed to electronic sounds). A skilled musician is worth the investment to deliver a professional...

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