Why Your Piano Lessons Didn't Stick

I hear it far too often from people. “I hated piano lessons, but I really wish I had stuck with it.” This tells me two things: one, that more people want to play piano than can currently play, and two, that piano training, for the most part, has failed to help people achieve their goals.

Diving further into this, I discovered that the common thread through most of these folks was traditional, classical based piano lessons (with more than a few strict teachers who liked to yell a lot). Think “Twinkle, Twinkle” or something from Bach or Mozart. For those interested in playing more modern music, and I would argue this is the vast majority of people, that style of lesson was tedious, difficult to practice, slow to learn and didn’t really help them play the kinds of music they wanted to play. Every single one of them eventually quit lessons and proceeded to forget everything they learned, simply because it didn’t apply to the music they were interested...

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