Why Pop Piano Sheet Music Sounds Wrong

If you come from a classical piano background, you may know very well the frustration of downloading the sheet music to your favorite song only to be disappointed when you actually start to play it. Hey, wait a minute! This doesn’t sound right! You have discovered the great divide between the classical notation world and modern piano playing.

Depending on what version of sheet music you found, a few things probably happened.
1: The music was dumbed down to accommodate less skilled players. You look at measure after measure of whole notes and half notes and know this can’t be right. The song doesn’t have these long notes in it. Too simple sounding.
2: The music was transposed to an “easy” key so more people can play it, even if it isn’t marked as an easy version. Sometimes you have a few options of what key to download, but if you don’t have the music in the original key, it won’t sound at all like the recording. Worse, if you or...

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