About The Course

Piano In 8 Weeks was created by music veteran Brian Lucas as a way to bring solid sounding piano skills to people with little to no experience, especially for those who don’t enjoy traditional classical music piano methods. It was designed to also help people who had a bad experience with piano lessons in the past, but still have the desire to play songs. The course is a step-by-step, non-classical approach structured to teach real piano concepts, with no tricks or memorization. Each lesson should take about a week to learn and practice, but the course can be completed entirely at your own pace. There is an end of week test available to check on your progress. The 8 week time frame is based on Brian’s years of teaching piano in his private practice and is the average time it took a complete beginner to learn and play the fundamentals taking a piano lesson a week. The goal at the end of the 8 weeks is the ability to play a wide variety of songs in all genres, sound good playing them and even be able to write and play your own songs.

About The Instructor

Brian Lucas dedicates his work to finding ways for musicians, artists, songwriters and everyone with a love of music to achieve their full potential. As he puts it, “to get the ideas out of your head and into the world”. He holds a Performance degree from the Berklee College of Music and has worked professionally with Top 40 artists, record labels, hit songwriters, touring musicians and studio players. Brian trains musicians at all levels with the goal to move every player to pro sounding piano as quickly as possible, regardless of current skill level. He is based in Nashville, TN… Music City USA.


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